How can I view all work in the studio library?

Access to the library is limited to professional clients only, who may register for free here. We do appreciate that everyone loves browsing beautiful artwork, however, and our gallery features some of our newest designs. There's also a ton of great content over at our journal, where you can dive into stories and check out the studio moodboard. You can also visit our Instagram!

If you have any questions about access or registration, please 


Quick explainer on exclusivity, copyright, outright purchase, 
usage, ownership and licensing.

Sullivan Street sells all studio artwork for outright purchasewith and without exclusivity. Artwork purchased outright may be used in perpetuity with no restrictions on usage. Because the studio partners with so many independent artists, some designs may be available only as non-exclusive. This means that the artist retains copyright and ownership of the artwork.

To sum up, in order to provide the most straight-forward arrangement for the client, at Sullivan Street:

All artwork is sold for outright purchase.
For all artwork, there no limitations on time or usage.
All artwork is removed from the studio library once sold.

Ownership for exclusive designs (the vast majority of library) transfer to the client once sold. For artwork that is sold non-exclusive, the artist retains ownership and may continue to sell and profit from the work, though not through Sullivan Street Studio.


Does Sullivan Street Studio formally represent the artists 
featured in its library?

No. All artists are independent or have their own representation. 


Can I commission new or custom artwork?

Sure thing! Please use the contact form or email us to discuss. 


I love the work of a particular artist and would like to 
work with him/her/them on a project, is this possible? 

Of course! Depending on the project type and scope (along with the needs of the client and artist) the studio may help to facilitate execution of the project, or put the client directly in contact with the artist or rep.


Do you offer assistance with building collections 
or providing creative direction?

Absolutely. Please use the contact form or email us and let us know what you’re looking for.


How do I pay for my artwork?

All major credit cards are accepted via the website. Clients who wish to arrange other forms of payment are welcome to 


How do I go about receiving my artwork?

Once purchased, a studio representative will reach out within 24 hours to arrange delivery of high res files and physical prints (if desired). Clients who wish to arrange or discuss a purchase off-line are welcome to email the studio directly.


How is artwork formatted?

All studio artwork is 18 x 26 inches, layered (PSD or Ai) and at minimum 300dpi. Most of the artwork in the library is in repeat.

Any other questions? Please use the contact form or email us at!